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My Little Pony – Μικρό μου πόνυ: 1x19

The Glass Princess (4)

Shady and Molly reveal themselves to their friends; Shady then devises a plan to make a fake cloak out of shed Bushwoolie hair so that they can exchange it for Porcina’s cloak and reverse the spell. Everything goes fine until the switch has to be made: the lights go out, the cloaks get mixed up, and Megan is forced to guess which one is real when the Raptorians arrive. Porcina tries to turn the intruders into glass but cannot bring herself to cast the spell – these beings are more real to her that the poor souls she transformed through her mirror. Her hesitation causes the Raptorians to turn on her and steal her cloak so that they can cast the spell themselves. But it turns out Megan took the right cloak after all. This brings about a tug-of-war that tears the cloak, releases its magic, and turns the Raptorians into glass. Princess Porcina repents her old ways and restores Ponyland and the Little Ponies before moving in with the Bushwoolies as their new hair groomer.

My Little Pony: 1×19
Oct. 09, 1986

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